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HAPPY HIJAB is an Australian owned company, bringing quality, modern colour and print to urban modest women of Islam. All of our products are sourced, designed and built upon three elements; Modesty, Femininity and Ethnicity. We focus on unique prints, colours and fabrics to produce the very best in terms of modern and sophisticated product.

We aim to maintain a balance between current trends, comfort and practicality without compromising on our core beliefs. Our products are designed with versatility in mind. This diversity reflects our own taste and thus showcases the versatility in our products bridging the gap between the traditional world of Islam and the modern constraints of todays world. We go to great lengths to understand the demands and preferences of our customers.

Our garments and accessories are created to compliment the diverse lifestyles of the women of today that seek to implement modesty into their dress code regardless of faith, without having to worry about layering and altering a design to fit their requirements.

It is crucial for us to be mindful of our objectives and core values in order that we maintain a balance between modesty, style, practicality and comfort. We want women to look presentable and feel good when they wear HAPPY HIJAB without compromising their beliefs.